Unnecessary C-Section

Cesarean sections, or C-sections, are very common and generally considered safe due to advances in medical technology. However, complications can arise when medical staff perform C-sections that are not needed. Our Atlanta unnecessary C-section injury lawyers understand that such situations can adversely affect both the mother and child.

If you were injured or your child suffered birth injuries from a negligently performed C-section in Atlanta, GA, you might be eligible for substantial compensation. At Malone Law Medical Malpractice and Severe Injury Lawyers, we are prepared to assist you with filing a medical malpractice claim and holding the responsible parties accountable.

You shouldn’t have to face the aftermath of an unnecessary C-section alone. Contact our Atlanta medical malpractice attorneys today for a free consultation, call us at (770) 390-7550. We will review the details of your injuries, investigate their causes, and support your pursuit of justice.

How Malone Law Medical Malpractice and Severe Injury Lawyers Can Help With Your Unnecessary C-Section Case in Atlanta

How Malone Law Medical Malpractice and Severe Injury Lawyers Can Help With Your Unnecessary C-Section Case in Atlanta

When the time comes to deliver your baby, you depend on your OB/GYN and the medical team to ensure a safe delivery.

Although C-sections are increasingly common, they are not always warranted. Unnecessary C-sections performed by medical providers can lead to severe mistakes, potentially causing injury or even death to the mother or child. At Malone Law Medical Malpractice and Severe Injury Lawyers, our Atlanta birth injury lawyers are dedicated to representing those harmed by such medical errors.

When handling your C-section injury case, we rigorously prepare for either settlement or trial by:

  • Exhaustively reviewing your medical records
  • Collaborating with leading medical experts to assess the necessity of your C-section
  • Identifying any complications from the C-section and establishing liability
  • Assessing the full extent of injuries sustained by you or your child

We manage every aspect of the negotiation process to ensure that the responsible parties and their insurers are held accountable. The consequences of C-section errors can be devastating, impacting you physically, emotionally, and financially. It’s crucial to have skilled attorneys who can negotiate effectively on your behalf.

If your C-section injury resulted from negligence, you deserve proper compensation. Contact our Atlanta, Georgia, law office today to discuss how we can assist in your recovery.

Common C-Section Injuries

In the U.S., around 30% of all births are conducted via C-section. Though generally safe, C-sections are complex procedures with their own set of risks.

Medical professionals performing C-sections are expected to deliver care that meets the standards of a reasonably prudent healthcare provider under similar circumstances. Failure to meet these standards, resulting in harm to you or your child, could be considered medical malpractice.

Some of the risks associated with unnecessary C-sections include:

  • Damage to healthy organs during surgery
  • Fractures to the baby’s bones during positioning for the procedure
  • Incorrect suturing of the incision

Such errors can lead to severe consequences. For instance, an unnecessary C-section could deprive a newborn of oxygen, leading to conditions like cerebral palsy, or in severe cases, it could result in the death of the mother, the child, or both.

While medical providers are skilled, they are also fallible and capable of errors. You should not have to bear the financial burden of their mistakes.

An experienced medical malpractice attorney can help you evaluate your situation and explore your legal options.

Contact us today to start reviewing your case and understanding your rights.

How Long Do I Have To File a Lawsuit After Suffering an Unnecessary C-Section Injury in Georgia?

If you believe that you or your child has suffered from an unnecessary C-section, it’s critical to seek advice from a competent medical malpractice attorney in Georgia without delay.

In Georgia, the statute of limitations generally gives you two years to initiate a medical malpractice lawsuit, starting from the time the malpractice was discovered or should have reasonably been discovered.

Adhering to these deadlines is crucial, and failing to meet them can permanently prevent you from claiming compensation for your injuries. Also, you are required to follow specific procedural notices before you can file a lawsuit.

Medical malpractice claims in Atlanta, especially those involving C-sections, require careful handling due to their complexity. Don’t take any risks with your case. Contact Malone Law Medical Malpractice and Severe Injury Lawyers for further information and guidance on your potential claim.

Reach Out to Our Atlanta C-Section Attorney for a Free Consultation

Unnecessary C-sections can cause significant harm to both the mother and child, often necessitating extensive and expensive medical treatments.

If you suffered injuries from a C-section due to negligence, you are entitled to financial compensation for both the physical and emotional damages incurred. Securing fair compensation requires a determined firm, such as Malone Law Medical Malpractice and Severe Injury Lawyers, by your side.

Assert your legal rights by arranging a free consultation with our Atlanta medical malpractice lawyers. We will thoroughly review your case, and if we find that your C-section injuries resulted from medical malpractice, we will tailor a strategy specifically for your situation.