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You trusted your doctor with your health issues, but they made a mistake that made things worse. You don’t have to struggle with the consequences on your own. The experienced Smyrna medical malpractice lawyers at Malone Law Medical Malpractice and Severe Injury Lawyers are here to help you fight for justice and a life-changing monetary award.

Malone Law Medical Malpractice and Severe Injury Lawyers has been trusted by victims of medical errors and their families since 1965. Our award-winning Georgia trial attorneys have over 50 years of collective experience and an unrivaled ability to take on hospitals and win monumental results. 

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How Malone Law Medical Malpractice and Severe Injury Lawyers Can Help Victims of Medical Negligence in Smyrna, GA

How Malone Law Medical Malpractice and Severe Injury Lawyers Can Help Victims of Medical Negligence in Smyrna, GA

When a healthcare provider makes a mistake, they have to be held accountable. This can be difficult to accomplish, especially when hospitals and insurance companies get involved. Fortunately, our Smyrna medical malpractice lawyers are here to level the playing field and tip the scales of justice in your favor.

Recognized by Best Lawyers, Super Lawyers, and Martindale-Hubbell as trailblazers in medical malpractice litigation, our top-rated Georgia litigators have committed their careers to helping families put their lives back together.

When you turn to our medical malpractice attorneys in Smyrna for help, we’ll go above and beyond to make a difference in your life.

Count on us to:

  • Conduct a timely, independent investigation into your medical care
  • Determine how your provider’s care deviated from accepted standards
  • Support your claim with a medical expert’s affidavit to emphasize the legitimacy of your allegations
  • Gather and analyze provider notes, lab orders and results, medical charts, communications between providers, photographs, and other evidence 
  • File your claim with the insurance company and/or county clerk in Cobb County, GA
  • Enlist expert witnesses to offer testimony in support of your claim and help us calculate your damages 
  • Aggressively seek a substantial settlement offer from the negligent provider during negotiations
  • Have an accomplished Georgia trial attorney argue your case in court, if necessary

Choosing Malone Law Medical Malpractice and Severe Injury Lawyers means working with respected trial attorneys with over a half-century of combined experience. It means putting pressure on the hospital to take your claim seriously and offer a maximum settlement to avoid going head-to-head with our top-rated litigators at trial.

We’ll help you fight your negligent provider on contingency. You’ll pay absolutely nothing unless our Smyrna medical malpractice attorneys win your case.

Contact our law office in Smyrna, GA today to learn more. Your initial case evaluation is free.

Is Medical Malpractice Common?

By many estimates, yes, medical malpractice is quite common. In fact, an American Medical Association (AMA) study found that about one-third of healthcare providers are sued during their careers. 

Many believe that medical negligence is largely underreported. In fact, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services found that 86 percent of medical errors are not reported.

These errors – whether the source of litigation or not – have a massive impact across the country. Medical errors are reported as the third leading cause of unintentional death annually, accounting for between 250,000 and 440,00 deaths every year.

How Do I Win a Medical Malpractice Case?

Medical malpractice, at its core, is a matter of negligence. It’s a healthcare provider’s deviation from accepted standards of care, which, in turn, causes a patient’s injury or death.

When you file a medical malpractice lawsuit in Smyrna, you will have the burden of proving:

  • Duty of Care: The healthcare provider (or another defendant, such as a hospital) owed you a duty of care because of an established doctor-patient relationship
  • Breach of Duty: The provider did not display a reasonable degree of care and skill in your care or treatment
  • Causation: You have suffered injuries or the death of a family member as a direct and proximate result of the provider’s conduct
  • Damages: You can point to specific damages you’ve suffered, such as medical bills or a loss of income

You must be able to demonstrate that the harm you suffered wasn’t a potential risk of the treatment or care you received. Rather, it was an unexpected and avoidable consequence of your provider’s mistake(s).

Helping Victims of All Types of Medical Errors in Smyrna, GA

At Malone Law Medical Malpractice and Severe Injury Lawyers, we’re committed to helping victims of medical negligence, no matter what kind of error turned their world upside down. 

Our medical malpractice attorneys in Smyrna handle cases involving:

These errors and mistakes can happen for a host of reasons. However, some of the most common causes include understaffed hospitals, provider fatigue, failure to communicate with and/or listen to patients, charting errors, staff miscommunication, and administrative errors.

Our legal team will carefully evaluate the specific circumstances of your case and work to unveil precisely what went wrong and why. When we’ve determined the cause, we can begin to build a compelling claim against any provider or entity that’s responsible for your life-changing injury.

How Much is My Medical Malpractice Claim Worth?

Every victim of medical negligence will have a different experience. Injuries will affect lives in different ways. It follows that every medical malpractice lawsuit is unique, too. What your case is worth will depend on factors that are specific to your situation.

  • What specific physical injuries have you suffered?
  • What part(s) of your body have been affected?
  • Are you temporarily or permanently disabled?
  • Can you continue to work?
  • Will you experience a change in your earning capacity?
  • What wages have you lost out on during your recovery?
  • How old are you?
  • Has your life expectancy changed?
  • What steps were taken to mitigate your damages?

The more catastrophically you’re injured, and the more the medical error changes your life, the more you can typically expect to recover through a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Working with an experienced medical malpractice attorney near you in Smyrna is the best way to capitalize on your opportunity to get compensation for your devastating injuries. Call Malone Law Medical Malpractice and Severe Injury Lawyers and learn more about how we’ve helped clients win millions.

What Types of Damages Can I Recover Through a Medical Negligence Claim in Smyrna, Georgia?

If you’ve been harmed by a doctor’s carelessness, you will reserve the opportunity to seek compensatory damages through a lawsuit or claim for insurance benefits.

Compensatory damages include economic and non-economic awards. Each is designed to compensate for a different type of loss you experience as the victim of a medical error.

Economic damages help to cover costs and expenses you have because you’ve been injured, such as:

  • Hospitalization, surgery, medical devices, medication, and other current medical bills
  • Future medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Diminished earning capacity
  • Rehabilitation
  • Nursing care

Recovering economic damages should help to put you back in the financial situation you were in before you became a victim.

Non-economic damages help you cope with trauma that’s more difficult to value, such as:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Reduced quality of life
  • Chronic physical pain
  • Loss of consortium
  • Disfigurement
  • Disability
  • Physical scarring
  • Embarrassment

Since these damages are much more subjective, count on the defense to downplay the ways in which your life has changed since the medical error. Our medical malpractice attorneys in Smyrna won’t let these tactics control the outcome of your case or dictate how your damages are valued. 

We’ll work closely with independent medical experts as we build your case, making sure we thoroughly understand the full impact the medical error and resulting trauma have had on your life. When it’s time to negotiate a settlement, we’ll force the defense to engage in meaningful conversations. If they refuse, we’ll be ready to bring your medical malpractice lawsuit to a jury.

How Long Do I Have to File a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit in Georgia?

Georgia gives patients and families two years to file a medical malpractice lawsuit. The statute of limitations begins to run on the date of injury or wrongful death.

The statute of limitations can be tolled (paused) if there’s a reasonable delay in discovering an error-related injury. However, things can’t be postponed indefinitely. The state’s statute of repose requires most medical negligence lawsuits to be filed within five years of injury.

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