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Were you injured because of a medical error in Sandy Springs, Georgia? Call Malone Law Medical Malpractice and Severe Injury Lawyers for immediate legal assistance. As the victim of medical negligence, you have rights. You can file a legal claim and hold your healthcare provider responsible for the costs and consequences of their mistake. Our experienced Sandy Springs medical malpractice lawyers can help you maximize your recovery.

Malone Law Medical Malpractice and Severe Injury Lawyers has been a trusted leader in medical malpractice litigation in the state of Georgia since 1965. Collectively, our award-winning litigators have over 50 years of experience handling complex medical malpractice claims. Our ability to win is unrivaled, as we’ve forced hospitals, insurance companies, and healthcare providers to pay our clients hundreds of millions in damages.

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Why You’ll Want Malone Law Medical Malpractice and Severe Injury Lawyers to Lead Your Medical Malpractice Claim in Sandy Springs, GA

Why You’ll Want Malone Law Medical Malpractice and Severe Injury Lawyers to Lead Your Medical Malpractice Claim in Sandy Springs, GA

Medical malpractice claims can be an uphill battle. Hospitals and insurance companies have considerable resources at their disposal. Georgia’s medical malpractice laws tend to benefit providers more than injured patients like you. You’ll need to level the playing field if you want to give yourself the best shot at recovering the compensation you need and deserve.

That’s where our Sandy Springs medical malpractice lawyers can help.

At Malone Law Medical Malpractice and Severe Injury Lawyers, we’ve dedicated our careers to positively impacting the lives of victims of medical errors across the state of Georgia. Our reputation as passionate and successful trial attorneys is well-known throughout the medical industry. When you turn to us for help with your medical malpractice case, the defense will know you won’t be pushed around or forced into a less-than-suitable settlement.

Take this opportunity to focus on yourself and your recovery. Let our medical malpractice attorneys in Sandy Springs handle the rest.

We will:

  • Coordinate a thorough investigation into your medical care and treatment
  • Review results of internal inquiries conducted by the hospital or medical center
  • Bring in trusted medical experts and specialists to provide insight into the technical details and components of your case
  • Prepare an affidavit of merit to corroborate your allegations of provider negligence
  • Gather evidence needed to support a compelling legal claim for damages
  • Depose members of your medical team, your healthcare provider, and other parties who might have important information about your treatment and how it deviated from accepted standards
  • Aggressively pursue a top-dollar settlement during negotiations
  • Provide guidance when you’re asked to make decisions about your medical malpractice case, like whether you should accept, counter, or reject a settlement offer you receive
  • Have an award-winning Georgia trial attorney litigate your case before a Fulton County jury

Your doctor made a catastrophic mistake. Our medical malpractice lawyers in Sandy Springs will fight to hold them accountable. Reach out to our law office to learn more about why you’ll want our law firm on your side. We work on contingency and offer a free consultation, so you’ll pay nothing unless we win your medical malpractice case.

How Common is Medical Malpractice?

Medical errors are reportedly the third leading cause of avoidable death in the United States, responsible for between 250,000 and 440,000 deaths every year. 

Medical errors aren’t just fatal. Hundreds of thousands of people are injured because of avoidable medical mistakes annually, as well. About 21 percent of patients surveyed claimed to have been the victim of a medical error.

According to the American Medical Association, about 31 percent of doctors are sued for malpractice. That’s nearly one out of three physicians. 

What is Medical Malpractice?

In Georgia, medical malpractice refers to an injury or death of a person arising from “health, medical, dental, or surgical service, diagnosis, prescription, treatment, or care” by an individual authorized by law to perform such service or by any individual acting under the supervision and control of a lawfully authorized person.

In other words, medical malpractice involves subpar medical care that causes a patient’s injury or death. Liability can extend to doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists, surgeons, pharmacists, chiropractors, and even hospitals. Anyone involved in the practice of negligent medical care can be accountable.

How do we know if medical care is less than acceptable? We consider whether or not the provider met the accepted standard of care. Georgia law explains that the standard of care for medical professionals is a “reasonable degree of care and skill.”

When assessing whether a doctor utilized a reasonable degree of care and skill, we consider it in the context of what another healthcare provider of the same specialty would have done under the same circumstances. If the other provider would have done things differently and the outcome would have likely been different, your doctor may be liable for medical negligence.

What Do I Have to Prove to Win a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit in Sandy Springs?

As the plaintiff in a medical malpractice lawsuit, you will carry the burden of proof. In order to win, you’ll need to establish the following elements by a preponderance of the evidence. Your claim must be more likely true than not.

  • The provider owed you a duty of care because a doctor-patient relationship existed
  • The provider’s care deviated from accepted standards of care
  • The provider’s conduct was the direct and proximate cause of your injury
  • You’ve suffered identifiable damages as a result.

Note that your injury must not have been a reasonably foreseeable outcome of the treatment you received. It must be an unanticipated consequence directly related to your provider’s error.

Decades of Experience Handling All Types of Medical Malpractice Claims

At Malone Law Medical Malpractice and Severe Injury Lawyers, we have experience representing clients who’ve been injured because of the most common types of medical errors, including:

  • Misdiagnosis
  • Delayed diagnosis
  • Cancer misdiagnosis
  • Failure to diagnose
  • Failure to treat
  • Surgical error
  • Wrong site surgery
  • Anesthesia error
  • Medication error
  • Emergency room error
  • Birth injury

These (and other) mistakes can happen when:

  • Hospitals are understaffed
  • Providers are overworked and fatigued
  • Medical teams have lapses in communication
  • Patient concerns are set aside and not taken seriously
  • Providers use drugs and alcohol to cope with the stresses of their jobs

No two medical negligence cases are the same. Experience handling all types of disputes and provider errors can make a world of difference as you pursue compensation through a medical malpractice lawsuit. 

At Malone Law Medical Malpractice and Severe Injury Lawyers, we have over 50 years of collective experience navigating these challenging disputes. You can benefit from all we have to offer by reaching out to our law office for help today.

What Types of Damages Can I Get If I’m a Victim of a Sandy Springs Medical Error?

Compensatory damages can be awarded if you can successfully prove that your Sandy Springs healthcare provider was negligent.

Compensatory damages include economic and non-economic awards.

Economic damages, intended to offset the verifiable monetary losses related to your case, can include:

  • Current medical bills, including hospitalization, corrective surgery, and medication
  • Future medical expenses
  • Rehabilitation and therapy
  • Nursing assistance
  • Medical devices and equipment
  • Out-of-pocket expenses
  • Funeral expenses
  • Disability
  • Temporary lost wages

Non-economic damages, which are paid to compensate for harder-to-value consequences you experience, can include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Physical disfigurement
  • Loss of consortium
  • Embarrassment
  • Inconvenience
  • Chronic physical pain
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Emotional distress
  • Reduced quality of life

Don’t be surprised if the provider, hospital, and insurance company claim that you’re overstating your injuries and the ways in which your life has changed since you got hurt. These are common tactics designed to limit their liability and how much you’re ultimately awarded when your case is resolved. 

Our Sandy Springs medical malpractice attorneys will be ready to challenge these allegations head-on. When we take your case, we’ll invest the time and resources needed to make sure that we build a compelling claim suited to leverage a meaningful recovery on your behalf. 

How Long Will I Have to File a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Against a Georgia Healthcare Provider?

Most medical malpractice lawsuits in Georgia are subject to a two-year statute of limitations. This applies to cases involving personal injury and wrongful death.

Generally speaking, the time limit begins to run when the doctor is negligent. If there’s a reasonable delay in discovering your injury, the statute of limitations can be tolled until that time. However, thanks to the state’s statute of repose, you’ll have at most five years to bring a claim.

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