What is the leading cause of airplane crashes?

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Air travel tends to make even the most seasoned traveler a little nervous. Maybe it’s the aspect of losing personal control, the tight, generally crowded space or the thought of being over 30,000 feet up in the air. Airplane crashes are relatively rare, but they do happen and it injures or kills people every year. It may take a considerable amount of time to determine the cause of an airplane crash, but one cause leads the way when it comes to reasons airplanes crash. That reason is pilot error.

Pilot error accounts for the reason planes go down in as many as half of all airplane crashes. The other leading cause of airplane crashes is mechanical failure. With airplanes being such large, complex machines, that is expected but not acceptable.

That’s because in many instances of pilot or mechanical error, the airplane crash could have been prevented. Whether an overworked pilot, or a tired piece of machinery that wasn’t properly checked or maintained, airplane crashes are a terrible and untimely means of losing a loved one. The FAA will play a big role in examining any airplane crash, along with other authorities, and their findings can help determine if one should seek damages after a loved one is injured or loses their life in an airplane crash.

If the flight is domestic and on a domestic carrier, that is the easiest way to apply local or federal law to a lawsuit seeking damages. If the flight or carrier is an international carrier, it becomes a little more tricky. Either way, airplane crashes frequently involve severe injuries and extensive damages. Both of these tend to lead to personal injury lawsuits.

Source: FindLaw, “Airplane Crash Liability Overview,” accessed Jan. 1, 2018


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Brain Injury, Medical Negligence


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