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For over half a century, Malone Law has successfully represented clients in catastrophic personal injury cases.


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Our Firm’s Response to COVID-19

We are open and working hard for our clients… from our homes. You can call, text, video conference (Zoom, Skype, GoToMeeting, FaceTime) email, send a letter, or fax us, just as before. There is no interruption in our services.

Like other areas in our country, Georgia citizens are encouraged to Stay Home. As a law firm, we could be working in the office, but we feel the more responsible course is to work from home during this time. As good and caring neighbors, we wanted to take a stand with every other small business who has moved to remote work for the safety of staff, clients, their families, court reporters, opposing counsel, witnesses, and all others who might otherwise come into contact with us. In fact, on March 20th, we all began working remotely before Governor Kemp and the Georgia Supreme Court gently recommended that employers consider increasing telecommuting.

Our normal firm culture is to have all staff and attorneys present in our Atlanta office. We highly value personal interaction. Over the past ten years the firm has devoted major time and resources to increasing our internet and technical capabilities. We are a paperless office. We have a strong computer system managed by our own IT professional. This is why when crisis presented itself, our entire firm was able to go remote on one day’s notice.

The main impact from the coronavirus known as COVID-19, is that the Court system has temporarily shut down most of its services. This is an unprecedented event. Spring trial dates have been cancelled. Some depositions have been delayed, but most are continuing without interruption due to our videoconferencing capabilities with cooperation, for the most part, with opposing counsel. Some courts have delayed hearings on legal arguments over certain matters. We are awaiting further details, but do not expect to receive solid answers from the courts for several months. We are confident that our State Supreme Court is taking proper steps and the wheels of Justice, while turning slower, will continue to turn. Indeed, all members of the Bar have a responsibility to do whatever can be done to assist the courts and clients to ensure the wheels of Justice keep turning. When it is safe, we are confident all of the court functions will be fully restored.

Despite uncertainties surrounding the courts, we are working just as hard as ever through our remote technology. Our firm meetings are conducted by video conference through Zoom, Microsoft Office Software, and GoToMyPC. Our attorneys and paralegals are doing everything needed to serve the people and families we represent. Our spirits are high. We remain committed to our clients. Stay safe. Stay home. And practice social distancing. We will get through this together.

“Do all the good you can,

By all the means you can,

In all the ways you can,

In all the places you can,

At all the times you can,

To all the people you can,

As long as you ever can.”

– John Wesley

Adam Malone

Board Certified – Medical Malpractice


Brain Injury, Truck Driver Negligence, Roadway...


Amputation, Medical Malpractice


Brain Injury, Medical Negligence


Amputation, Medical

Holding Wrongdoers Responsible

Malone Law is known for its willingness to take cases to trial when defendants refuse to accept responsibility for their actions — particularly in situations where death or devastating injuries have been caused by careless commercial trucking companies, sloppy health care and manufacturers of defective products. Tommy secured one of the first verdicts over a million dollars in Georgia history — a $1.2 million verdict in a 1982 jury trial against a trucking company involving the needless death of a 7-year-old girl. Throughout his career, Tommy continued achieving record verdicts, including a recent verdict of over $49 million against two careless trucking companies for causing a severe brain injury to a pre-med college student.

Likewise, Adam has continued this tradition and has broken his father's record verdict in their hometown of Albany with a $24.5 million verdict in a medical negligence case for a 14-year-old football player.

Making Our Hospitals & Roads Safer

In addition to the many multimillion-dollar recoveries we at Malone Law have obtained for our clients, we take pride in our ability to drive positive change in our community.

An inevitable result of many of the verdicts and settlements we obtain is system change to correct their actions to prevent similar harm from occurring to others in the future.

Our attorneys and staff work diligently to make life better for our clients as well as those in our community.

"Together we've been able to not only make a difference for our clients," says Adam, "but also do our part in helping to make roadways and hospitals safer for everyone."

Put a tradition of excellence on your side. From catastrophic motor vehicle accidents to devastating medical malpractice injuries, our team of dedicated professionals can help you get your life back on track. Contact our office in Atlanta by calling 770-390-7550 or by filling out our online contact form.

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